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About the exhibition
Bakery factory at Kyiv Art Fair 2019.

"Inventory" put on the structure of the structure of the projects and the inventory method of the objects, so that in a different way on the warehouse. Ci warehouse vistupayut in roli skovishche-kolektsії. Part of the subject matter, where it is possible to serve as a material for new projects, part of the hour is ruinous, ale as it is, of the stench є artifacts, which show the first time life.

Curator of the project - Eugene Valiuk.

Artists: Єgor Antsigіn, Ganna Anufrієva, Eugene Valyuk, Nastya Dіdenko, Ute Kilter, Spartak Khachanov, Oleg Harch, Єvgen Stein.

Art Fair will go near the Business Center Toronto st. Velika Vasilkivska 100. Our boxing number 25 on the zero line.

On 23rd of May, about 19:00.
From the 26th of May Art Fair from 11:00 to 21:00.
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