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Exhibition June 1 − August 11
Chazen Art Museum: In the Studio
The "In Studio" exhibition focuses on the artist's studio and the unique environment in which artists perform their work. Visible objects are selected from the entire museum collection and are associated with each other and the inevitable comparisons between artists of different times, cultures and media. The goal is not to “align” all works of art, but to invite viewers to study small details that reveal their personality, to see how ordinary studio practice (for example, drawing living models) developed (or not) over time and to disclose, upon careful consideration of the preliminary works that lead to finished objects, we most closely associate art with a museum. Along the way, solid friendship and rivalry, humor, anxiety and a lot of hard work. This is an exhibition based on collections, and, as such, it certainly reflects the growth of the Chazen Museum of Art, its strengths, and also contains some amazing surprises.

Artists: Louis Valtat, Raymond Louis Glockler, Auguste-Xavier Leprens, Richard Hamilton.
Galleries at the exhibition