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Exhibition October 17, 2017 − September 22
Louis Comfort Tiffany: Canvas and Paper
Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933) created his reputation by creating beautiful objects. He gave us symphonies of glass and raised a modest lamp to high art. It was these visually dramatic works that made Tiffany a favorite American artist. ThisExhibition based on the museum's collection of lesser-known two-dimensional works by Tiffany, examples of which are poetic — sometimes joyful, sometimes elegiac.

Tiffany, who traveled a lot, was constantly interested in the visual environment, recording his impressions with a brush and pen. These paintings represent an intimate portrait of a man driven by the simple beauty of everyday life: farm scenes, children playing in the surf, and boats on the Hudson River.

Tiffany began his long and impressive artist career and continued to paint all his life. Some works here reflect exotic places that have had a tremendous impact on his works in the field of decorative art. Others inspired stately works, but most of them probably originated from Tiffany’s impulse, if not because of coercion, to express their whole essence in art, regardless of future development or competitiveness. Each of the works embodies Louis Comfort Tiffany’s poetic spirit, generously rewarding the viewer, who can feel through them some of the artist’s impressions of life.