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The Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine in Kiev presents the Milovzorov Family “Dynastic Chronicles”, which is held as part of the museum project “Family Values - Family Relationships”. The exhibition includes paintings, graphics and sculpture of Alexander Milovzorov, Honored Artist of Ukraine, paintings and graphics of his daughters - Oksana Milovzorova and Alexandra Shekhireva.

Alexander Petrovich Milovzorov exchanged the ninth ten lives. His scrupulous approach to the creation of works makes it easy to cope with different materials - glass, ceramics, metal. All works of the master, filled with meaning and mystery. The works of the author are not like any other, they are different and always amazing.

Oksana Milovzorova invites you to look into the world of her fascination with the hot southern sun and gusts of hot wind, the aroma of the sea and the taste of fruits, the grace of white and the magic of bright - into the world of her fascination with Venice.

Alexander Shekhirev will present the images of the seven deadly sins that destroy the beautiful in man, which the Lord has bestowed upon Him - His eternal Soul.