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About the exhibition
The State Scientific-Research Museum of Architecture named after AV Shchusev presents an exhibition project "The Epoch of Modernity".

A real panorama of the many-sided Art Nouveau style is deployed in front of the visitors, which will allow tracing its evolution from the middle of the 19th century until the 1917 revolution. The main part of the exposition is represented by drawings and drawings and is devoted to the diversity of the buildings of the epoch of modernity - urban mansions and tenement houses, commercial buildings, banks, museums, theaters and temple architecture.

The modern era is a complex, contradictory and full of unusual creative solutions period of development of Russian art. The Museum of Architecture has a rich collection of objects created at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries. The works of such eminent architects as Fyodor Shekhtel, the Vesnin brothers, Valentin Dubovskoy, Illarion Ivanov-Shchits, Roman Klein and many others, will present the Moscow architectural school in its entirety and diversity. In addition to the works of local architects, visitors can also get acquainted with the works of the master of the French Art Nouveau Hector Guimara.

Based on the official website Museum of Architecture. A.V. Schuseva.

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