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About the exhibition
In commemoration of the future of the 170th anniversary of the birth of the remarkable Russian landscape painter, professor of the Imperial Academy of Arts Yuli Yulievich Klever, art gallery "Daev-33" together with the International Confederation of collectors, antique dealers and art dealers holds an exhibition of his works from private collections in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The exposition of the artist’s first solo exhibition in Moscow for the last 100 years presents for the first time more than 30 little-known paintings by Julius Klever.

Like every public display of at least a small part of art objects from private collections, this exhibition is simply doomed to become an event in the cultural life of the country. Pictures Yu.Yu. Clovers were very popular among the artist’s contemporaries: his landscapes were acquired by famous collectors, members of the imperial family, and were constantly reproduced in periodicals. In Soviet times, the name of the artist, if mentioned in art studies, is exclusively in a negative context as one of the representatives of bourgeois salon art. After a century, lovers of the Russian landscape had a unique opportunity to see canvases, little-known to the general public.
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