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About the exhibition
In the Sheremetyevo Palace - the Museum of Music is an exhibition "29th element".

The exhibition presents copper sculpture, copper painting and art objects of Petersburg sculptors Pavel Shevchenko, Nadezhda Vostrikova and two Chilean artists - Eduardo Reyes Bahamodes and Ana Maria Lira.

The name of the exhibition speaks for itself - after all, the twenty-ninth element of the periodic table is copper. Metal is often perceived as a harsh material, but it can be a work of high art and the most spectacular piece of furniture.

Pavel Shevchenko (1954) successfully works in easel, monumental and decorative sculpture, formed as an artist in the workshop of the famous Soviet sculptor M. A. Anikushin.

Nadezhda Vostrikova is a talented student of Pavel Shevchenko. The exhibition presents its animalistic plastic: fantastic animals that embody the inner world of the artist. For her works she chose bronze, hot and cold enamels, ceramics and porcelain.

The work of Eduardo Reyes Bahamondez is closely connected with the cultural heritage of pre-Columbian America. The master finds inspiration in Chile's rock art and traditional crafts of his country.

Ana Maria Lira creates works in a complex technique that combines such different materials as wood, glass and metal. In their interaction magical art objects are born.

Based on the materials of the official site St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Musical Art.
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