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About the exhibition
The Museum of the History of the City of Kiev presents a personal exhibition of painting by Irina Fedorenko “Red Queen. 18+".

"My new exhibition is a magical world with its own rules, which are created by an unusual character - the Red Queen. You are used to the fact that there are only white and black pieces in chess, but this may not be the case," the artist notes.

Irina Fedorenko (SEMIRA) - Ukrainian artist, representative of contemporary art. Born in Mariupol, lives and works in Kiev. She participated in collective exhibitions of painting in art galleries and museums of Ukraine, Europe and the USA. The works of the author are in private collections of Ukrainian, American and European collectors, in the Museum of Modern Art of Andy Warhol, the Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Slovakia, and in the collection of the Andy Warhol family.

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