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About the exhibition
The Art Museum of Sao Paulo hosts exhibitions of two of the most prominent women of Brazilian culture of the 20th century - Tarsely do Amaral and Lina Bo Bardi.

Tarsily do Amaral exhibition (1886 - 1973) consists of 120 paintings and offers a new approach to the artist's work. Without neglecting the canonical and formal modernist aspects of the work, the project seeks to highlight the characters, themes and narratives associated with social, political, racial and class issues. The author's palette consists of pure blue, pink, purple, bright yellow, green.

The panoramic exhibition of Lina Bo Bardi (1914 - 1992) is dedicated to the life, work and cultural heritage of the Italian-Brazilian architect. As an Italian immigrant, the author understood that European modernist ideas could not be applied in Latin America without adaptation and dialogue with the local socio-cultural context. This perception allowed her to immerse herself in the Brazilian habitat and create a unique, radical language of design, architecture and curatoring.

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