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About the exhibition
Victory Museum holds an exhibition "Women of the military era"dedicated to the fate of women formidable wartime.

Visitors are offered to see about 150 rarities from the collections of the Victory Museum - paintings, graphics, sculpture, objects of decorative and applied arts, etc., most of which the audience will see for the first time. Among the exhibits are works by sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich, front-line artists Boris Nemensky, Nikolay Obrynba, Sofia Uranova, Valentina Globina and many others.

Famous masters of art have created a vivid image of contemporary. These are schoolgirls and young girls, wives of renowned marshals and ordinary soldiers, mothers who accompany their sons to the front or received a funeral.
Women fought in partisan detachments, were scouts, signalers, nurses, doctors, nurses. Women remained in the rear and stood at machine tools and metallurgical furnaces, worked in villages. All of them contributed to the approach of Victory and at the same time remained tender, loving and beautiful women.

Based on the materials of the official site Victory Museum.
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