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About the exhibition
Gallery of young artists "Sacred Cow"presents an exhibition “From myths and colors”.

Mythological plots worried creative people at all times. They are embodied in the works of artists as much as art itself exists. Centuries pass, styles and trends change, and myths from different countries still come to life in paintings.

The exhibition “From Myths and Colors” will try to answer the question: what do contemporary artists see in ancient gods and heroes, mythical animals and cults.

Modern talented artists presented their works for the exhibition: Lyubov Akbasheva, Mikhail Bazarov, Aliya Zeynutdinova, Anna Mikhailyukova, Anna Naumova, Ekaterina Ilyina, Lada Kuzminskaya, Katya Balandina, Oleg Seleznev, Vladislav Mezhinskaya, Daria Matveeva, Anna Gnidkovskaya, Ekaterina Vasilenko.

According to the group Exhibition "Of Myths and Colors".
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