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About the exhibition
Kharkiv Municipal Gallery presents a retrospective project at the Museum of Modern Art in OdessaVagricha Bahchanyana (1938-2009). This is the second personal exhibition of the artist in Ukraine, part of the movement to “return” Vagrich home. In 2016, the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery on its 20th anniversary presented a restoration project “Vagrich Bakhchanyan - artist of the word”. In the USA, Russia and Armenia several posthumous significant personal exhibitions took place. Director Andrei Zagdansky in 2014 shot the full-length documentary “Vagrich and Black Square”.

The author is known and regularly quoted, even if they think that they do not know: “We were born to make Kafka come true”, “The wallet is a weapon of the proletariat”, “It’s not a lie that is by hook or by crook”, “All power is for sonnets”, “ Beaklushi - save Russia! ”.

On the 10th anniversary of the artist’s death, the project in the museum will be the largest and most comprehensive display of Vagrich Bakhchanyan’s works in Ukraine.

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