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Exhibition April 11 − May 26
"Forest". Project Vladimir Migachev
Artstory Gallery of Modern Art presents a new project by a famous Krasnodar artist Vladimir Migachev "Forest".

The main part of this project will be large-scale paintings in the size of 2.8 by 1.5 meters.

In his canvases, the artist uses a unique author's painting technique. Often, in addition to paints, coal, ash, or quartz sand are on canvas. The new exhibition will present a total installation, where tree trunks are transferred from the canvases to the floor, erasing the boundaries and metaphorically pushing the gallery space.

Each project, each work of Vladimir Migachev is the result of disturbing reflections and observations of the artist about the conflict between man and nature. The paintings presented at the exhibition are portraits of a kind. "Portraits of the landscape." Answers to questions about the world and the man who creates it daily-destroys it with his own hands: about those abandoned houses or entire villages that are not difficult to find in suburban forests; about whether trees without foliage die or are reborn.

The artist does not invite us for a walk (in his works there is almost no human figures), he literally immerses the viewer into the space of the Forest, leaving himself to understand the meanings and emotions invested by the author in one or another work.

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