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About the exhibition
April 6, 2019 at 16:00 in the Lera Litvinova Gallery the opening of the personal exhibition of Alla Volobueva “Love in the Sunlight” took place. Lera Litvinova Gallery implements art projects both abroad and in Ukraine in museum and other locations, seeking to spread the work of Ukrainian artists in the local and world art arenas.

Alla Volobueva is an artist with romantic and at the same time deep philosophical views. Thinly feeling the world, people and nature, she skillfully transfers multicolored impressions to the canvas. The author uses a rather unusual technique - masterfully owning the color, she uses it to emotionally fill the paintings, to reflect the depth and tranquility. On the artist's account numerous personal and group exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

In the works included in the exhibition “Love in the Sunlight”, the author reveals simple and beautiful truths that a person does not notice in pursuit of something inaccessible. In the world of technology, people have become like machines, live in a huge computer simulation, only satisfying the needs of their bodies. The modern rhythm of life leaves almost no opportunity to stop and look at the beautiful things that surround us. Therefore, the artist seeks to force the viewer to distract from emails and phone calls for a moment and look around. Do you remember the smell of the forest at noon? It has long been seen how the wind sways in the grass, how the trees begin to bloom, how the rain washes all the spring smell, how quickly the clouds fly in the sky? In her works, the artist encourages awareness and deceleration, the feeling of every second of life, love of life.

Alla Volobueva notes: “With this exhibition I wanted to show how huge the universe is. It is impossible to comprehend it with the mind, and our life is just a little walk full of events, beautiful details of nature and art, and not just supermarkets and a TV. ”
One of the central works of the exhibition is the painting "Love in the sun." The artist is inspired by the history of the ancient Greek mythology of Clitia - a nymph in love with the god Apollo, who turned into a flower of sunflower, from longing for her beloved and associating him with the sun. The artist summarizes the influence and meaning of love, reflects on the importance of bright feelings even in dramatic stories, because love is one of the factors of rebirth and development of the soul.

The project curator is Leonora Yanko, art critic, art manager and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery: “The works of Alla Volobuyeva amaze with their depth and energetic content, and non-standard equipment and masterful use of color make you look into a qualitatively new space of images. The combination of dark shades and bright flashes, colorful and authentic motifs, an elegant game of contrasts successfully emphasize the concept of her works. ” The exhibition is open until April 20, 2019.
Address: Kyiv, st. Quay-Ribalskaya, 3. Admission is free., e-mail: tel. 050 033 33 17
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