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The Department of Graphics of the Russian Academy of Arts in the halls of the Moscow Academy of Arts Gallery of Arts Zurab Tsereteli presents a reporting exhibition "Graphics 2019".

The exhibition will consist of more than 100 works demonstrating the versatility of graphics as a type of fine art, depth of views, sincerity of expression and breadth of experiments of the authors, the embodiment of academic traditions brought up, honored and preserved by many generations of outstanding graphic artists.

A retrospective exhibition will acquaint visitors with the Z.K. Tsereteli, lithographs V.Yu. Zelvakova, etchings A.A. Lyubavina, A.B. Suvorov, N.N. Batakova, B.L. Nepomnyaschiy, woodcut MM Verkholantsev, watercolor A.D. Shmarinov and A.N. Sinitsyna, works made in the author's techniques A.G. Akritas, D.N. Sanjiev and D.V. Fomichevoy. In addition, viewers will see the unique work of prominent contemporary artists working in various graphic techniques.

The presented works convey a wide range of modern graphic art and are distinguished by a large thematic, stylistic and genre variety.

Based on the official website Russian Academy of Arts.

Galleries at the exhibition
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