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Museum of Contemporary Art "Garage" holds a large-scale exhibition “Rashid Arain. Retrospective.

The exhibition presents the work of the Anglo-Pakistani conceptual artist and sculptor Rashid Arain.
The first retrospective in Russia introduces the audience to the results of the intensive and diverse work of the author.

Rashid Arain deserved the exceptional position of unquestioned authority in art by many years of struggle for justice, both by artistic means, through universal geometric figures, and by political means, through journalism, performances and exhibition projects exposing racism.

The exhibition “Rashid Arain. Retrospective "is divided into six chapters. In particular, in the first chapter - "The Beginning" - the artist's early works, made back in Karachi, are shown, where, in addition to the skills of academic drawing, Arain mastered the techniques of post-impressionism.
The chapter "The Way to an Integral Statement" introduces the viewer to the works of the 1980s. During this period, Arain for the first time combined poster political motives and minimalism sculpture in the space of a single work. The structures typical of him are combined with the found images from Pakistani journals, cadres of the military chronicles, references to Andy Warhol.

The works of Rashid Arain are included in the exhibition of dozens of major museums around the world, incl. The Pompidou Center, the Guggenheim Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, Tate Modern, the Fukuoka Art Museum and others. The author is a recipient of honorary doctoral degrees from the University of Southampton, the University of East London and the University of Wolverhampton.

Based on the official website Museum of Contemporary Art "Garage".

Galleries at the exhibition
    2007, 50×50×50 cm
    1968, 91.4×91.4×91.4 cm
    All artworks at the exhibition