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Exhibition January 26 − April 28
Chabalala self
The works of Chabalala Self explore the interconnectedness of race, gender and sexuality, focusing on the iconographic meaning of the black female body in modern culture. The artist creates bright, multi-layered characters - images not of herself or others, but some “avatars” that resist the reductive ideas about blackness, despite the viewer's voyeuristic fantasies. These "avatars" are most often made of cloth-sewn cloth scraps, including velvet, denim and animal prints, in combination with the cut parts of discarded canvases covered with acrylic and oil paint, pastels and charcoal.

Exhibitioncauses specific associations associated with certain fabrics and patterns, and in fact enliven Self-characters, turning into a visual grammar with which you can introduce new personalities and alternative narrations.
Galleries at the exhibition