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About the exhibition
Erarta Museum presents an exhibition “Alexey Levchuk. Pangomanism. Visitors will be able to see the graphics and objects of the artist, which represent the original images of the future and the appearance of a postman.

The project “Pangumanizm” is a cursory sketch of the world of the future, looking at which, you understand how much people do not have time for technology.
The artist, relying on the ideas of technological modernization of the body, is already trying to simulate the life of a person who is able to take the form of a tree, a bird or some other construction by will.

According to Aleksei Levchuk, a posthuman with a modernized skeleton leads a semi-insubstantial existence in a conflict-free society to his own kind, he is busy with purely artistic problems of formative work in a world where the whole environment is the carrier of the human gene. A postman is looking for a perfect form, capable of reproduction, and sooner or later he will fill the Universe.

Based on the materials of the official site Museum of Modern Art "Erarta", St. Petersburg.
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