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About the exhibition
Small but very interesting exhibition“Athea: Nature and Divinity in Polynesia” takes place in the Metropolitan Museum.

The exhibition, collected from American collections and the Metropolitan Museum, features about thirty works — sculptures, painted fabrics, rare feathers, and much more — created from the end of the eighteenth to the nineteenth century. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to understand the basic principle of Pacific art: the divine is not abstract, but very lively in nature.

Athea is a Polynesian cosmological term that refers to the moment when it was believed that light first appeared after many erries of thick, absorbing darkness, which led to the birth of the first generation of gods. Across Polynesia, ritual artifacts were created for the powerful leaders who came from these gods and which were imbued with the spiritual essence of their ancestors. Prestigious subjects, such as feather cloaks and hats, strengthened their status and reputation, and established family trees with their divine predecessors.

Based on the materials of the official site Metropolitan Museum.
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