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About the exhibition
The Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakov in Lutsk presents an exhibition project “Hermetic Kolo Karl Zvіrinskogo". Karl Zvirinsky - one of the main representatives of modernism in Lviv art. His "underground academy" is an unknown facet of alternative art education in the conditions of totalitarianism. The exhibition, in addition to the paintings of the teacher himself, included the early works of his students of the 1960s - Roman Petruk, Oleg Minko, Bogdan Soyka, Zinovy Flint, Andrey Bokotei, Lesia Tsegelsky and others.

The project is an integral research platform of the Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art Korsakov "Genesis", which captures the significant phenomena of Ukrainian non-classical art of the XX-XXI centuries.

Karl Zverinsky (1923–1997) - Lviv artist. He graduated from the Lviv Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts, department of monumental painting. In 1949, he was expelled for a year for contempt of socialist realism. Approximately more than half of the master's creative heritage falls on sacred painting. He wrote about 40 icons for the Assumption Church in Lviv, created murals in several churches near Lviv. For a long time he led the school of icon painting. St. Luke at the monastery of the Order of the Studites.

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