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Exhibition March 5 − June 16
The Tale of Genji: A Japanese Backlit Classic
Metropolitan Museum presents an exhibition "The Tale of Genji: Japanese Classics with Illumination".

This is the first major exhibition in North America dedicated to artistic traditions inspired by Japan’s most famous literary work, The Tale of Genji.

"The Tale of Genji" - a monogatari novel - tells about the love tricks of the "brilliant prince" Genji and presents some of the most iconic female characters in the history of Japanese literature. The author of the story is Murasaki Shikibu, maid of honor at the court of Empress Syoshi. The book was written in the Heian era (early eleventh century), and is often called the world's first psychological novel.

The exhibition, which covers the period from the eleventh century to the present day, features more than 120 works, including paintings, calligraphy, silk gowns, lacquer bridal sets, a shogun's bridal shoe, as well as popular art such as ukiyo-e prints and modern manga .

The key exhibits were two national treasures and several works recognized as important cultural values of Japan. For the first time outside the Land of the Rising Sun, you can see rare works from the Ishiyamadera Temple, where, according to legend, Sikibu began to write her Tale.

Based on the materials of the official site Metropolitan Museum.
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