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About the exhibition
In BARVY is an exhibition of Mariana LunivaArkan. Unity ". For the last three months, the artist has gone deep into work on a topic that had been very disturbing for him five years ago. Arkan is a dance and step of like-minded people, a gesture of unity, community, movement in a circle and into the future. So the painting of the author is a study of the past, present, future. All native, personal, all that is necessary and important to master, remember, save.

Marjan Luniv - painter, graphic artist, designer. Born in 1968 in the Carpathian region, graduated from the Carpathian National University. Today, besides the sphere of design, his creative credo is actively and interestingly embodied in the painting genre. The works were presented at ten solo and more than twenty collective exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. He lives and works in Kiev.

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