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About the exhibition
In Lviv National Gallery of Art. B. Voznitsky is a retrospective exhibition Miroslava Berries. The exhibition presents more than a hundred iconic works of the artist, among them - the early works of the so-called "black period", dating from the second half of the eighties, and the latest works of the author.

“The exhibition is the last of the textbook representatives of the Lviv artistic underground. One of the largest retrospective art exhibitions of the last decade in Ukraine. The viewer will have the opportunity to see the works of the artist in the same amount and in the exposition configuration, which were impossible during the artist's life, ”the organizers say.

Miroslav Yagoda - artist, poet, set designer. born in the Lviv region. He graduated from the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute in Lviv. He lived and worked in Kiev. He died in 2018.
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