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About the exhibition
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Center hosts an exhibition by Swedish photographer Eric Johansson, famous for his surrealistic staged landscapes,"On the other side of reality."

The exhibition presents numerous fascinating works of the author, who defines his style as “photorealistic surrealism”.

From an early age, Erik Johansson incessantly painted, inspired by the works of great surrealist artists: Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali and Maurits Escher, until he got a camera and mastered graphic image processing. The new hobby has grown into a big creative experiment, the result of which united the young man's passion for drawing and his interest in manipulating human perception.

Eric does not capture the moment, but realizes his fantasies, using a camera and completely constructing places and situations. Combining real-life objects in a frame, he strives for maximum realism of the image, so that his strange fantastic worlds seem real.

The process of creating each work takes months and sometimes years. And in every work of Johansson there is certainly an element of mystery and magic.

In the reality created by the author there is the edge of the earth and floating cities, sheep wool turns into cumulus clouds, and the day comes to replace the night, thanks to a traffic controller who, like the Greek god Cronos, follows the passage of time.

Based on the official website Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography.
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