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Exhibition March 16 − April 2
Peter Bevza. Inna Svitlo
Contemporary Art Gallery "Triptych ART" presents a pictorial project by Peter Bevza "Inna Svitlo". The artist creates a picturesque world that functions according to its own rules, independent of spatial (or any other) features known to us.

The study of light in the world and the world in the light is one of the key motives of the author’s project. The series symbolizes the emergence of new opportunities, where each element constitutes a full-fledged sign system that has its own categories, its own concepts, its own models and its own interactions.

Peter Bevza was born in 1963 in the Kiev region. He graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1990. He lives and works in Kiev. Participant of numerous exhibitions.