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Exhibition March 14 − April 3
Gallery funds. Part 1
Lera Litvinova Gallery presents the exhibition “Gallery Funds. Part 1". The exhibition includes 20 works by contemporary Ukrainian authors. Among them are the honored artists of Ukraine Valery Franchuk, Alexey Kulakov, Natalya Papirnaya, Leonid Zaborovsky, as well as Oleg Radvan, Igor Gubsky, Andrey Figol, Anton Gudzikevich, Elena Pronkina, Yury Shapoval, Yevgeny Shapovalov, Alla Volobueva, Daria Ivaschenko, Lyubomir Martynyuk, Olga Morozova, Natalia Korf-Ivanyuk, Lera Litvinova, Olga Selischeva, Anastasia Krayneva, Artem Andreychuk (Kaffelman), Anna Vasilyeva and others. In addition, the exhibition is complemented by the work of sculptor Anna Voloshko.

Lera Litvinova Gallery is an art space that supports contemporary Ukrainian artists, collaborates with talented authors and young masters who have won recognition in the Ukrainian and world art arena. In addition to regular exhibitions in Ukraine, the gallery implements art projects abroad. On account of the art space of the exhibition in New York, Berlin, Brussels, Luxembourg, Bruges, cooperation with museums, embassies and cultural representations of different countries, as well as the organization and participation in social projects and events.
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