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Exhibition October 27, 2018 − March 31
Rina Banerjee: Give me peace
Exhibition "Sum up the world to me"- This is the first in-depth study of contemporary practice by artist Rina Banerjee, jointly organized by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) and the San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA)

Although Banerjee was widely represented in Europe and South Asia, PAFA and SJMA will be the first museums in North America to plunge into the artist’s complex and bizarre worlds. The exhibition shows monumental installations, sculptures and works on paper, which makes the exhibition into a different and multi-sensory space.

Banerjee's works, known for their large-scale sculptures and installations from materials supplied throughout the world, explore the fragmented experience of identity, tradition and culture that is widespread in diaspora communities. In the art of Banerjee, a variety of materials are used: from African tribes to colored feathers, light bulbs and Murano glass. These sensory communities manifest themselves at the same time as acquaintances and strangers, growing in the tension between visual cultures and raising questions about exoticism, cultural appropriation, globalization and feminism.
Galleries at the exhibition