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Exhibition November 6, 2018 − April 28
Mummy Shrew in a coffin and other treasures
Exhibition at the Museum of Art History in Vienna "The Mummy Shrews in a Coffin and Other Treasures"organized by the famous American film director Wes Anders and his wife, Juman Maloof. This is the largest show in the museum in terms of the number of exhibits. The Hollywood couple inspected all 14 huge collections of the institution and chose 430 exhibits, almost half of which had never been exhibited before.

The exposition has no obvious system, it looks more like a collection of rarities from some eccentric Czechoslovak count who lived hundreds of years ago. The centerpiece is the miniature mummy of the shrew in the tomb of the 4th century BC. the size of a shoe box. The exhibition space evokes memories of Anderson's films The Family of Tenenbaum, Hotel Grand Budapest and The Kingdom of the Full Moon.
Galleries at the exhibition