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Exhibition 1 − March 14
Alexander Shuisky. Labyrinths of Awareness
In the Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art, an exhibition of Alexander Shuisky "Labyrinths of Awareness". The exhibition is divided into three sectors: portrait, realistic and pop-art series separating them. Pictures of the artist reflect the subtle world and depth of knowledge. West and East with their ancient philosophy, Mysticism and Reality are intertwined in the works and resonate as the Past with the Present. The works emit light, reflect the deep philosophy of each image, the beauty of the inner world and the striking external resemblance to the heroes of canvases who came to the discovery.

In the arsenal of the artist participate in international projects and exhibitions "Seasons", an exhibition in the framework of the international Green festival "Scarlet Sails". Many works are in private collections.
Galleries at the exhibition