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Exhibition March 15 − April 15
Tarasov collection in an imaginary museum
Odessa Art Museum presents an exhibition projectTarasov collection in an imaginary museum". These are pearls from the collection of Taras Maksimyuk, complemented by works from the collection of the museum itself and private collections.

In the fall of 2018, the collector of Ukrainian art Taras Maksimyuk addressed the institution with a proposal to transfer his collection to the Ukrainians. These are the works of the outstanding master Mikhail Zhuk (1983–1964), the famous artist Ambrose Zhdaha (1855–1927), works by Shevchenko's associated with Odessa (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printed materials, etc.), the personal fund of the famous Ukrainian public figure Yevhen Chichkalenko (1861–1929), a selection of Ukrainian editions (since 1834), a collection of illustrated postcards of Odessa and Ukraine, and other artistic works.

The term “imaginary museum” is used as a metaphor, as hope in the near future to physically cross the threshold of the new Ukrainika Museum Center.
Galleries at the exhibition
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