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Exhibition March 7 − May 31
Exhibition of paintings by Dmitry Kustanovich "Awakening".
In the Gallery of Kustanovich - the personal gallery of the artist Dmitry Kustanovich - from March 7 to May 31, 2019 the exhibition of painting by the master - “Awakening” will be held.

Dmitry Kustanovich entered the history of art as the founder of a new style of painting - spatial realism, as an artist, “breaking free from the limits of a limited plane”.

Attaching essential meaning to “form” and consistently developing the concept of his own style of painting, the artist pays great attention to the semantic aspect of the work.

Depicting ships in the vast expanses of the sea or old boats on the shore, a rainy city, or a majestically soaring dome of the temple in the sky, the artist seeks to reflect the elevated and spiritualized phenomena of this world.

The repertoire of motives and themes in the works of Kustanovich is inextricably linked with the images of the surrounding world, this explains the penetrating nature of the works and their ability to evoke a response in the consciousness of each person.

Key ideas that are embedded in the works of the author, were embodied in the works of Russian landscape painters of the end of the nineteenth century, but today they also require rethinking. The connection with tradition on the substantive level and the creation of the form in which it can exist in the conditions of modern reality are features of the artist’s author’s method and constitute the essential novelty of his style and one of its main features.

It is known that art has a figurative memory, and from century to century certain topics are transmitted at some inconceivable level and are updated again. Today, in the art of Kustanovich, the themes that have been forgotten by the past century, but are gradually finding a response in modern artistic reality, find their new embodiment. Perhaps, newly updated in the artist’s works, they will set a new vector for the development of art.

In the gallery you can see and purchase both original paintings and author reproductions with the artist’s original signature, natural leather products and various souvenirs with reproductions of Dmitry Kustanovich’s paintings.

Opening hours: daily from 12-00 to 20-00.
Entrance to the exhibition is free and free for all comers.
The Kustanovich Gallery is located at the address: St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., 11 (2nd courtyard of the Capella).

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