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Exhibition 13 − March 29
Nikolay Molchan. Nullus
In the gallery "ABC-art" is an exhibition of Nikolai Molchan "Nullus". The exhibition presents graphics, painting, sculpture and paper architecture. This is an attempt by the author to understand how the plastic of the human body can give impetus to the creation of architecture.

“It was anxiously thought that, perhaps, right now is the moment, and the bifurcation point, when nature will no longer be able to repair itself. Thus, the general name of the exposition project “Nullus” (zero) appeared. Therefore, such reflections fully justify the aggressive expressiveness of the last series of graphic sheets. And the naked frameworks of architectural layouts are simultaneously looking for a beautiful geometric nature of the design, however, they provide tough shadow graphics. The torn holistic idea here is a sign of apocalyptic fears and anxiety, ”the artist notes.

Nikolay Molchan was born in 1976 in Lviv. He studied at the Uzhgorod School of Applied Arts. A. Erdelyi, in the Lviv Academy of Arts in the department of monumental-decorative painting. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2012.

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