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About the exhibition
In the art space “White World” there is an exhibition of Elena Priduvalova and Oksana Tsypy “City Center Suburb". Fragments of the Kiev artist's life were transferred to painting and textile sculpture. The authors, each in their own way, combined color, textures, volumes, and planes, writing their own Kiev storyline.

Urban artist Elena Priduvalova explores the space of the city, shows its environment and the ability to find harmony and naturalness everywhere around it. Its large-scale, bright canvases are penetrated by light and dynamics and incredibly transmit the vibrations of industrial areas.

Oksana Züpa inhabits these landscapes with charismatic inhabitants - textile dolls, personifying their favorite characters, recognizable and charming. The dolls are made by the author with deep love and perfect craftsmanship, because the author creates works of art from textiles throughout his life.

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