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Exhibition January 22 − February 10
Andrei Kovalenko. Life in pictures
In the art gallery Cappuccino is a personal exhibition of Andrei Kovalenko "Life in pictures". The painter's paintings are characterized by expression, free interpretation of space and time, color saturation. The artist is nourished by folk art. Characteristic for the author is the deliberate simplification of artistic means and forms for the sake of greatest expressiveness.

Andrey Kovalenko was born in 1976 in Odessa. He graduated from the Odessa Art School. Grekov (painting department). Since 2008 member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Takes part in various art projects, plein airs, collaborates with galleries. Kovalenko's works are in the Odessa Art Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Odessa, the Kiev House Museum Kavaleridze, the Kanev Art Museum. Shevchenko, in private collections in Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, USA.

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