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Exhibition February 1 − May 19
Rembrandt social network. Family, friends and acquaintances
With this exhibition, the Rembrandt House Museum opens the beginning of 2019, dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the artist’s death. The focus is on Rembrandt’s relationships and the role they have played in his life and work. He was not a lonely genius, but actively and consciously used his environment. He had family and friends who helped him, who bought his works of art, lent him money and challenged him creatively.

Exhibition"Rembrandt Social Network" explores a number of key figures, such as his old friend Jan Livens, friends Jan Sixs, Abraham Fransen, Rolant Rogman and, of course, the family of his wife, Van Eilenbyurhi - "blood relatives". Paintings, drawings and prints, including works by Rembrandt, which have never or rarely exhibited in the Netherlands, are striking in their informality.
Galleries at the exhibition
    1630, 41.9×36.8 cm
    All artworks at the exhibition