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Exhibition January 9 − February 23
Claire Stool. Born in mirrors
Perrotin Gallery in Hong Kong hosts a personal exhibition of artist Claire Tabour "Born in mirrors". In his figurative paintings, drawings and sculptures, the author carefully analyzes the personality, examines in detail childhood and its riddles, both for the individual and within the group. Her paintings are often covered with an original fluorescent layer and executed on large-scale canvases.

Claire Tabour was born in 1981 in France. Received a diploma in fine arts from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 2006. Her works were exhibited at the Museum of Hughes (Shanghai), at Villa Médicis (Rome), Friche de la Belle de Mai (Marseille), the Night Gallery (Los Angeles), Palazzo Fruscione (Salerno, Italy), the Center for Drawings (New York ) and Palazzo Grassi (Venice). The artist lives and works in Los Angeles.
2017, 230×330 cm
2017, 50.8×38.1 cm
All artworks at the exhibition