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Exhibition December 21, 2018 − February 28
Yevgeny Beznisko. Sacral
Lviv National Gallery of Art. Boris Voznitsky in the museum of the Church of St. John the Baptist presents the exhibition "The Sacred" by Eugene Beznisko. The exhibition includes works with the image of Jesus Christ, who, as Vladimir Ovsychuk said, do not pray, but think about it.

Yevhen Beznisko is a famous Ukrainian graphic artist, People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize. For more than 50 years he has been working on artistic images based on the works of Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainian, Vasily Stefanik. Author of a number of portraits of prominent cultural and public figures of Ukraine. In particular, the portrait of Cardinal Joseph Blind by Yevgeny Beznysk was presented to Pope John Paul II in 1996 on behalf of Lviv. The artist's works are in museums in the United States, Argentina, Canada and France.