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Exhibition January 6
Takashi Hara. Country of pigs - the history of mankind
Art Gallery A2Z in Hong Kong presents the exhibition Takashi Hara "Country of pigs - the history of mankind". The works of the author demonstrate a deep emotional connection with humanity, positioning its symbolic characters in different settings. Each image reveals the unique character of pigs. Abstract expressionist portraits and surrealist paintings and sculptures work together, so each pig has its own characteristics, such as a figure or figurative forms.

Takashi Hara chooses the abstraction and naturalistic application of his technique, repeating the axiom that life is not perfect, like society. In his work, he uses not only brushes to invent unconventional textures, but also draws with his fingers and other tools that allow him to manipulate materials, creating layers and various effects.

Takashi (Tak) Hara is an artist, sculptor, calligrapher and poet from Japan, who demonstrates his art in the United States, Canada and at home. He received a Master of Arts degree from Arizona State University, was president of the collective gallery of contemporary art in Phoenix, founded his own company in Japan and organized cultural and artistic events throughout Canada and the United States.

2018, 41×32 cm
All artworks at the exhibition