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Exhibition February 13 − June 2
Harald Solberg. Portraying Norway
“Harald Solberg. Depicting Norway »will be the first exhibition in 2019 in London Dalidzh Gallery. It will present the original landscapes of the Norwegian Symbolist painter, perhaps one of the greatest masters of landscape painting in the history of Norwegian art. This exhibition, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the painter's birth, will be the first major display of his works outside of Norway.

Like Edward Munk, Solberg strongly denied the influence of other contemporary artists, dissociating himself from discussions about his place in the history of art. Instead, he reoriented the origins of his artistic to the myths and legends of the Norwegian land. His paintings depict the desert of the northern landscape, the soft beauty of flower fields and the harsh cold of winter.

This important retrospective will show the breadth and ambiguity of Solberg's work, at the same time revealing its relevance outside of Norway. She will trace the entire artistic career of the master, starting with the early work of a 20-year-old boy in 1889 and ending with the last year of his life. The gallery presents the iconic landscape "Winter Night in the Mountains", which is considered to be "the national painting of Norway".
1899, 114×135.5 cm
1894, 73×59 cm
All artworks at the exhibition