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Exhibition January 26 − March 31
Bill Viola / Michelangelo. Life, death, rebirth
Bill Viola / Michelangelo. Life, death, rebirth

January 26 - March 31, 2019

In January 2019, the Royal Academy of Arts in London compares the works of two artists born over centuries, but exploring the same universal themes in their works.

The graceful drawings by Michelangelo, different from his large-scale sculptures and paintings, bring the emotional essence of his work closer to the viewer. Being in themselves complete works of art, they were created as gifts and expressions of love, as well as personal meditative reflections on mortality.

In 2006, pioneering video artist Bill Viola saw the best of the collection of these drawings at Windsor Castle. He was amazed at how expressively the master of the Renaissance uses the body to transmit emotional and spiritual states. Although the works of Viola were created by completely different means, they also raise fundamental questions of life, consider the threshold between birth, life and death. Both artists use the symbolic power of sacred art, and both show us the physical extremes and moments of transcendence.

Exhibition“Bill Viola / Michelangelo. Life, death, rebirth " conceived as an exciting journey through the life cycle. Viewers presented the most interesting drawings by Michelangelo, including those from Windsor, as well as his only marble sculpture in Great Britain - “The Virgin and Child and St. John” (“Tondo Taddei”). Bill Viola will be presented with twelve large-scale installations, including the extraordinary “Ascension of Tristan (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall)” - a five-meter projection depicting the ascent of the soul after death.
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