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Exhibition December 8, 2018 − January 13
Ugo Schildge
Dumonteil Gallery in Shanghai hosts a solo exhibition Ugo Schildge. The exhibition includes the latest works of the artist, created during his two-month residence in Shanghai. The author explores the close relationship of man with nature.

In the center of the artist - the material. He uses in his work sets of colored natural pigments, clay and plaster. In this combination, the interaction is always vague and surprising. The author questions the traditional form of the work, erasing the boundary between painting and sculpture, canvas and materials, control and freedom, figurative and abstract, conscious and unconscious, technique and illusion.

Hugo Schildge was born in 1987 in Paris. He graduated from the Higher National School of Fine Arts in Paris. He worked independently and quickly developed a kind of reflection between the image and the movement. The artist's works were exhibited in galleries and art centers in France, Canada, Brazil and the United States.

Galleries at the exhibition