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Exhibition November 7, 2018 − January 20
Yayi Kusama. All aspirations in love began in my heart
In the Ota Fine Arts Gallery in Shanghai, Yay Kusama's personal exhibition is heldAll aspirations in love began in my heart". It presents 34 paintings from the series "My Eternal Soul Looking Into the Mirror of Infinity" and several soft sculptures. The author, despite his age, remains an energetic, innovative and interdisciplinary artist, and continues to inspire and captivate the hearts of people around the world.

In 2009, Yaya Kusama began the series of works “My Eternal Soul”. It was originally planned to create about 100 paintings, but more than 550 have already been written, and today their number continues to grow. When these paintings are consistently connected with each other, they represent a window into the living and repetitive world of Kusama's form, color and movement. Biomorphic forms that the master calls “manga”, eyes, facets in profile, flowers, phallic figures, pumpkins, nets and dots stretched on each canvas. Sometimes these serious - but still clown and sometimes humorous - paintings lie between the surrealistic and the figurative. They combine the motives of the artist's signature, her limitless research of new motives and the flowering story about her life.

Accompany the paintings of soft sculptures of various heights and sizes. They repeat and reflect the forms, lines and colors in her paintings, embodying them in three-dimensional forms.
Galleries at the exhibition