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Exhibition October 12, 2018 − March 17
Arthur Lysmer and Harold Gilman. Masterpiece in focus
The National Gallery of Canada hosts an exhibition of Arthur Lysmer and Harold Gilman "Masterpiece in Focus", created in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and combining sketches, paintings and related materials that show the city of Halifax in wartime. The pictures show the harbor after the explosion of December 6, 1917 - one of the most tragic events in the history of Canada.

Then the French military transport "Mont Blanc", loaded with almost one explosive, collided with the Norwegian ship "Imo". The ensuing explosion is considered the most powerful in the pre-nuclear era and one of the strongest, arranged by mankind.

By order of the Canadian War Memorial Foundation, two artists - one Canadian, another Briton - created a couple of large and memorable works depicting the harbor after the incident. The paintings are in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

1921, 198×335.8 cm
All artworks at the exhibition