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Exhibition December 12, 2018 − February 23
Qiu Xiaofei. Disappear
The Pace Gallery in Seoul hosts a solo exhibition of “Disappear” by Chinese artist Qiu Xiaofei. The concept of his work includes the relationship between personal experience and history. The main theme of this master in recent times is the psychological state in the process of creation. Qiu Xiaofei's works are similar to the story, many paintings are based on photographs from childhood. The artist explores the various corners of his memory or "reject thoughts" that allow you to delve deeper into his subconscious and personal experience. Qiu Xiaofei - the Chinese artist of the "new generation", recreating the tone of changeable time in his imaginary and fantastic scenes. The whole exhibition is like the end of a silent movie.

Qiu Xiaofei was born in 1977 in China. He studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and received a bachelor of fine arts in oil painting in 1998. Four years later, he graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He now lives and works in the capital of China. Participant of various exhibitions.

2018, 200×150 cm
2018, 24×30 cm
2018, 120×160 cm
2018, 61×41 cm
All artworks at the exhibition