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Exhibition December 15, 2018 − March 5
Zhu Wei
Gallery BEING 3 presents a personal exhibition of new worksZhu Wei - one of the first Chinese contemporary artists who brought the traditional method of painting to the world of contemporary art. While his other colleagues of the time were involved in party propaganda, Zhu Wei explored the traditional gongby method as a way of representing the social and political climate in China.

Zhu Wei was born in 1966 in Beijing. After serving in the army, he graduated from the Academy of Arts of the People’s Liberation Army in 1989. He continued his studies at the Academy of Cinema in Beijing. Zhu Wei first appeared at the international exhibition in 1993 and since then has held more than 20 exhibitions around the world. Published more than seven different editions of special collections of his works and reviews. His works of mascara and washing are in Chinese and foreign museums.

Galleries at the exhibition
    2017, 60×45 cm
    2005, 120×103 cm
    All artworks at the exhibition