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Exhibition November 16, 2018 − January 12
Jill Malidi. Mouth to mouth
Berlin's Galerie Neu exhibited new works by young American-Uruguayan artist Jill Malidi, united by the title "Mouth to mouth". The general theme of all these paintings is water, but as a substance, not an object. It is a source of life and youth, but also a carrier of germs, dirt. She is everywhere - polluted, aggressive, muddy, wet.

The characters in the paintings of Malidi are slippery sea creatures and ghosts visible beyond the threshold of consciousness. The artist is inspired by the works of such masters as Ensor, Soutine, Sharden, Budin and William Merritt.
2018, 167.5×152 cm
2018, 122×92 cm
2018, 167×122 cm
2018, 122×90 cm
All artworks at the exhibition