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Exhibition December 2, 2018 − January 31, 2019
Pictures of Love for the whole family from Vlami.
Pictures of love.
Christmas pictures.
Pictures for the New Year.
Oil paintings on canvas.
Buy paintings can be.
Pictures in the author's technique.
Energy paintings.
Pictures for life.
Love in the pictures.
Pictures for the family.
Pictures for children.
Pictures for gift.
Paintings for the interior.

Visit the permanent exhibition-sale of the artist, Master of Creative Vlami "Painting of Love."
Address: Russia, Moscow, st. Marksistskaya 38 (Proletarskaya metro station), TK Galleria Kristall (Wedding Gallery Kristall, former casino Kristall). 1st and 2nd floor.
Exhibited 13 works by Vlami (originals and copyrights of already sold paintings)
Opening hours: daily, from 10-00 to 22-00.
The period of the exhibition is not limited.