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Exhibition November 14 − December 12, 2018
Anatoly Sakalosh. Colors of my life
Vinogradov city gallery "Impasto" presents the exhibition of Anatoly Sakalosh "The Colors of My Life". The exposition includes 33 canvases of open air and easel painting. In his landscapes, the artist seeks to convey the greatness and beauty of nature, its emotional state. A bold combination of color spots is striking in still lifes, where various flowers and fruits are reproduced with warmth.

Anatoly Sakalosh - artist, member of the National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine. In 1978 he graduated from the department of artistic woodworking at the Uzhgorod School of Applied Arts. Works in fine art (watercolor, oil, mixed media, collages) and decorative arts (wood carving, glass painting, Venetian masks). Since 1994, constantly participates in exhibitions, and his works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Holland, England, Israel, and the USA.