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Exhibition November 27, 2018 − January 11, 2019
Lubomir Medvid. Kamo ridge?
Gallery "ABC-art" is a personal exhibition of Lubomir Bear "Kamo come up?". This exposition brings together selected canvases from the Prodigal Son series. This theme has become decisive for the artist, it is visualized in his paintings, parables, since the 1960s.

A distinctive feature of the artist is the exceptional constancy of ideological positions and the unchanging search for artistic language. The constancy of the Bear - man and artist - lies in the fact that for him there are clear boundaries between good and evil. At the same time, it comes out not so much from the direct perception of man and nature, as from their comprehension and transformation, which sometimes leads to the paradoxes of representation and observation. Personal impressions and experiences acquire in his works the character of universal human problems.

Lyubomir Medved was born in 1941 in the Lviv region. In 1965 he graduated from the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts with a degree in artistic ceramics. Professor of the Department of monumental and decorative painting of the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Honored Artist of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. Lubomir Bear - a living legend of the Lviv school of painting. The deep existentialism of his works forms the philosophical vector of Ukrainian art.
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