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Exhibition November 17, 2018 − January 18, 2019
Ruslan Ivaschenko. Colored impression
An exhibition of Ruslan Ivashchenko is presented in the art gallery “Manufactory” "Colored impression". The exhibition consists of more than 30 works of the author - landscapes and still lifes. The artist seeks to reflect the moments and fleeting emotions from what he saw.

The wide manner of writing, loosely laid on canvas, rich strokes give his painting a special mobility. The input speed, expression and dynamics create the effect of a living web. Ruslan Ivaschenko prefers to work in the open air. Paintings created in the open air, are modified due to the moving all-penetrating light.

Ruslan Ivaschenko is a follower of the traditional European school of impressionism. The artist was born in Yalta in 1986. He studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, graduated from the magistracy at the faculty of painting. Currently lives and is engaged in creativity in Kiev. Works of the painter can be seen at exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. His paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, China and the United States.